10 Times WWE Directly Insulted Your Intelligence

Seth Rollins, The Rock and Vince McMahon make idiots of us all.


On this week's Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins borrowed a 20-year-old Mick Foley trick when he utilised a forklift to defeat Erick Rowan in a Falls Count Anywhere match designed to highlight the potential chaos of his upcoming clash with The Fiend at Crown Jewel.

Within the body of the match pretty smart from the 'Beastslayer'. His attempt to polish off the former Wyatt Family member with a stomp on the announce table earlier on had failed, so he adjusted his strategy to go from trying to knock the giant out to simply subduing him. Seth, for a much-needed f*cking change, didn't look stupid.

It shouldn't have been such a shock to the system, but WWE requires most of the roster to be pigsh*t thick in order to make sense of their surroundings on any given week. On the very same show, Rusev grinned with delight as Lana strolled to the ring for their "Divorce Court" segment, then took two shots to the plums from her new beau Bobby Lashley after being revealed as a sex addict. If his bedroom preferences wouldn't already inform that wearing a cup would have been wise, the fact that he'd been mates with ballshot empresario Shinsuke Nakamura this year should have been enough to make him wary of blows from below.

But most of the roster really are pigsh*t thick - and it'd be a great deal easier if we all were too...

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