10 Times WWE Marketing Was Pure BULLSH*T

9. "Last Time Ever"

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..."in singles!"

WWE apparently needed to promote the Undertaker and Triple H's Super Show-Down with an apologetic caveat, having already advertised their seminal WrestleMania XXVIII war as the 'End of an Era'.

Although the word 'end' does tend to have an air of finality about it, WWE to their credit did not explicitly rule out an epilogue. 'Last Time Ever', though, was surely it: the Last Time we would Ever see Triple H and the Undertaker compete in a match. The marketing campaign told us this, several times, as did the Undertaker's depressing performance. He struggled to assist Triple H's back body drop, a bump performed mostly by the recipient, in a 27:35 shocker. With some irony, the match aimed to call back to the classics of 2009 to 2012, but only erased the gravitas.

Sorry not sorry, no it bloody wasn't; this acted as the launchpad of Shawn Michaels' blood money comeback. With Kane finally getting out of the way, Shawn stepped onto it at Crown Jewel. It was yet more cheeky small print: WWE didn't explicitly rule out Triple H and 'Taker competing in a tag team match! Shawn, bargaining, likened this not to a proper studio album comeback, but rather a Greatest Hits concert.

Performed by Spinal Tap.


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