10 Ultra-Rare Unreleased WWE Matches We’d Love To See

2. Sasha Banks Vs Alexa Bliss (December 7, 2017)

Kurt Angle Owen Hart

A "This Is Hope" chant sounds as manufactured as Stephanie McMahon's retelling of the supposedly tear-soaked story, but an Abu Dhabi battle between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss really did happen in the face a lifetime of everyday oppression from the country.

It was the first ever women's match to take place in the country, with cultural rule requiring that both cover all the skin usually exposed by their regular attire - both Bliss and Banks wore one-off custom bodysuits for a battle that was shared and celebrated in clip form across WWE.com and all the usual social channels.

Presumably little more than an ordinary house show encounter outside of the history at play, the match wasn't added to the Network or made available in full - for completionists this would flesh out a unique trivia note and giant leap forward for the Women's Revolution and the representation of women in general outside of WWE's North American base.


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