10 Wild Outside Bets To Win WWE 2019 Men's Royal Rumble

10. Shawn Michaels


Shortly after overcoming The Brothers of Destruction alongside his similarly superannuated pal Triple H at WWE's contemptible Crown Jewel, an absolutely cream-crackered Shawn Michaels intimated that his comeback had been a big mistake. The regrets over the damage to his legacy dripped from The Heartbreak Kid's heartbroken face.

Don't listen to what Shawn says; there's no way that Saudi Arabian shambles is going to be the last we see of him. His pride - or more accurately, his ego - dictates that.

Of course, in WWE's non-linear era, the company could simply suspend all storylines to give Michaels a more fitting second sendoff in Medina or wherever, but assuming they want to make a virtue of a third Shawn run, there are worse ideas than a third Royal Rumble win.

It'd make up for the spawny victories in the depleted pools of '95 and '96, whilst also giving a really good excuse for a legitimate mentor-student dream match opposite Daniel Bryan.

Probability: He's more likely to win the 100-man Greatest Royal Rumble 2, to be fair.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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