10 Worst Decisions Eric Bischoff Ever Made

9. Bringing In Ultimate Warrior

Mike Tyson Eric Bischoff
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The above GIF is likely a perfect illustration of the Ultimate Warrior's WCW run. As in, a complete and utter clusterf**k.

Warrior would sign with WCW in May '98, would be officially gone from the company less than six months later, and he'd wrestle a total of three matches - one triple threat nine-man tag bout, one standard tag team match, and just one singles contest.

In regards to that singles contest, that was Warrior vs. Hollywood Hogan at Halloween Havoc '98, and it ended up with a botched fireball spot causing Hogan to singe his own moustache.

Many have speculated - including Warrior himself - that the Parts Unknown native was brought in solely so that Hogan could get his 'win back' from WrestleMania VI. Whether that's true or not, it was a stupid decision to hire Warrior in the first place.

This was a man who was notoriously hard to work with, who had held Vince McMahon up for money, and who had by then long established a reputation of simply walking out on a company. Did 1998 WCW need Ultimate Warrior? Absolutely not. And in the end, WCW got what was to be expected - a sloppy, unprofessional worker.

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