10 Worst WWE Feuds Of 2020

Dog food, extracted eyes and Slapjack. 2020 WWE hits rock bottom without a great one in sight...


It feels worth mentioning now that this article is being written between Survivor Series and Tables, Ladders and Chairs on the WWE pay-per-view calendar. It's fortuitous and yet not unexpected that there are plenty of candidates for this list even without whatever the company choose to build for the final show of this wretched chapter of all our lives.

December is traditionally either a slow(er) month for the company, or a totally rancid one. Or just as often both. Theoretically, this could mean an absolute banker for a list like this missing out, but it can just go on a massive pile with the others that could easily fill several more articles - it's been one of those years.

It's common to see 2020 talked about online as if it were some sentient being, as though January 1st 2021 will bring with it cures on cue and a new normal far superior to the old one we've all come to miss so much. This isn't and has never been the case, but allow your writer similar indulgence here; WWE needs, desperately, to not have another 2020.

There are lows amongst this lot that rank as company all-timers, and these are just 10 that made the cut. It's maddening that wrestlers so often thing the internet is the enemy - it's far more fun to enjoy Vince McMahon's product than loathe it. But he has to stop making the latter so f*cking easy.

For example...

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