10 Wrestlers Who Are Wasted In WWE

10. Matt Hardy

Even at 45, Matt Hardy has so much more to give.

The guy whipped himself into incredible physical shape a few years ago and looked set to ride the part-time veteran train alongside his brother Jeff. Then, Jeff got injured and smeared WWE PR by getting arrested for driving whilst impaired last October. Today, Matt is in limbo, and it sucks to see.

Hardy appeared to wave goodbye to WWE fans after his angle with Randy Orton on Raw, and his future is very much up in the air. If the company aren't going to use him as an in-ring attraction going forwards, then they should (at the very least) sign him up for some seminars at the Performance Center. This is a pro with some serious knowledge.

Failing that, Matt might be better off trying his chances outside the WWE sphere. Somewhere like AEW would be perfect, and there's already been a precedent set by other ageing warriors like Dustin Rhodes who took a chance on fleeing the coop.

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