10 Wrestlers Who Are Wasted In WWE

9. Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews' last two singles matches on WWE television lasted a combined 4:29, and his latest (a 29-second loss to Sheamus on the 7 February SmackDown) was a real jobber's gig. This is a total waste of someone who can really go inside the ring and once seemed to have so much potential in NXT.

Right now, Apollo would be better off booking his own bus back to Full Sail.

It's tedious to hear Michael Cole remind viewers that Crews has "a bright future" and "could become a champion someday" whenever he gets meagre minutes on camera. It's even worse that Apollo hasn't moved on one bit since debuting on the the main roster in April 2016.

Think of the matches this man could have if he wasn't booked to be a nondescript loser. It's true that Crews doesn't have much personality, but then WWE has never really explored that side of things and has only allowed him to cut boring backstage promos that always get interrupted.

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