10 Wrestlers Who Broke Kayfabe In Unusual Ways

9. Paul London Is Happy At Work

Becky Lynch

Look at his face, man.

WWE is a bloody stupid organisation at its core, and that's because its core is occupied almost exclusively by bloody stupid people.

Vince McMahon was stupid enough to try and off himself via exploding limo in 2007, having being stupid enough to book himself as ECW Champion in order to facilitate being beaten into a comatose by Bobby Lashley.

Yes, Paul London's mile-wide grin might have been bloody stupid too, based on the instruction all talent were given to look solemn and sad as The Chairman strolled down the corridor to his bizarre fate. But bloody stupid is as bloody stupid does, and sometimes it requires the likes of a London, or a CM Punk or a Dean Ambrose to try and inject just the tiniest bit of reality into a situation that feels anything but. The circumstances were absurd. and London's face summed them up better than McMahon's bloody stupid cheesy act-ing one.

It marked his card, ultimately. Some called that bloody stupid, but London was always far more beloved beyond the company's walls than within them.

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