10 Wrestlers Who Looked Better Over 40 Than In Their Prime

Life begins at 40...


AJ Styles is a once-in-a-generation performer.

That his body hasn't completely given up on him after 19 years as one of professional wrestling's most spectacular athletes is miraculous. AJ no doubt has his aches and pains, even today, eight months after his 40th birthday, he remains one of WWE's hardest-bumping risk-takers.

The current WWE Champion isn't the only wrestler to excel at such an age, though. The physical toll might be the realest thing in this scripted world, but many performers excel well into their 40s, and in some cases, beyond. Even fewer have produced their career's best work in their fifth decade on Earth, but somehow, these ageless wonders pulled it off.

By this point, such performers have compensated for their natural decline in athleticism by mastering the mental side of the game. Their bodies aren't what they used to be, but their minds are sharper than ever, and they develop a style more reliant on smarts and psychology than physicality.

That isn't to say the names within haven't their their fair share of licks, but you don't get to this point without taking care of your body...


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