10 Wrestlers Who Saved Their Careers TWICE With Gimmicks

9. Mabel (Viscera and World's Largest Love Machine)


If anyone needs an example of how random the WWF's mid-90s lull was, point them in the direction of this; they went from booking Mabel as King Of The Ring in 1995 to strapping a rocket on genuine star Steve Austin in '96. As 'King Mabel', the big man sucked, and he sucked hard. It was the least convincing coronation since Jim Duggan wore the cape and robe.

When it failed to register with fans and make Mabel a main event success, few were surprised.

By 1999, something new was needed, and that's why Mabel was turned into an enforcer for the Ministry Of Darkness. Rethought as Viscera, he suddenly had some aura again, albeit only when splashing poor fools during gang beatdowns or staring at them through those freaky contact lenses.

WWE hit the refresh button again following his 2000 release by rehiring Viscera in 2004 and playing up to his fun-loving personality as the 'World's Largest Love Machine'. Fans had a ball with the lothario gimmick, and Viscera himself was able to find a niche as a mid-card comedy act and prolong his career.

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