10 Wrestlers Who Will Never Be World Champion Again

9. Randy Orton

Bryan Danielson AEW World Title

For the longest time, it felt as though Ric Flair's official record of 16 World Championship reigns was destined to be broken by either a certain Face that Runs the Place or a Snake in the Grass.

But in the time since both Randy Orton and John Cena lifted their 14th and record-equalling 16th World Titles, respectively, the landscape has most definitely changed.

And though Orton was still working close to a full-time schedule before his unfortunate back injury earlier this year, the chances of The Viper once again lifting a WWE top singles strap high in the air before his days of bumping are up appeared to be shrinking by the month.

Along with the fact that Roman Reigns is in the thick of a historic run at the top that will no-doubt only be ended by a younger star looking to lead the company into the future, much like Sting, The Apex Predator appeared to be absolutely loving life as a tag team hot-tag master before being cut down in May.

So, when Orton hopefully does get the green-light to return, it seems more likely he'll either return his focus to dominating the doubles division or stick to popping up in the odd high-profile programme that doesn't require him to be draped in singles gold for the rest of his time in the ring.


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