10 Wrestling Facts We Didn’t Know Last Week (8 Nov)

Why John Cena apologised to The Rock, Jon Moxley's home life and more...

Jon Moxley has reinvented himself as one of the roughest, toughest stars in pro wrestling today.

His work across New Japan and AEW since leaving WWE has been breathtaking to watch, and the guy is only getting started. This weekend, at Full Gear, expect buckets of blood in his "Unsanctioned" match with Kenny Omega. If you're into grisly, gruesome violence and intensity beyond WWE's sanitised product, then Mox is your man.

Back home with Renee Young, it's very much a different story. Find out what Jon loves to do behind closed doors in this week's article, one that serves up a bunch of wrestling-related facts you didn't know last week. Ever pondered why WWE didn't match WCW's branded ring canvas logos? Want to know Kelly Kelly's real thoughts on those ECW stripping segments? Ponder no more.

There are also stories on who actually prompted WWE to promote a 'Fake' Razor Ramon (that one will surprise even the most hardcore of fans), why John Cena apologised to The Rock and which embarrassing social situation Jim Ross had to stomach during his WCW days...


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