10 Wrestling Heels Who Generated The Most Heat

9. Jim Cornette & The Midnight Express


Though originally a faction, most consider the Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Loverboy Dennis Condrey tag team the best vintage of a badass entity that encompassed the dark side of rock n' roll excess.

They stayed out all night long, and they didn't play by the rules, and on a shocking April '86 night in JCP, they broke the most sacred of all in the region most reverent towards it: they hit a woman.

Jim Cornette - a cowardly weakling motormouth the crowd detested because he was seen as less than a woman - stormed the ring with his charges in tow. He cut a promo aimed in the direction of Magnum TA and Dusty Rhodes, the latter of whom came out, valet in tow, to finally put an end to Cornette's incessant bullsh*t.

This was key to the manipulative success of the angle: Cornette constantly begged for his long-overdue comeuppance, and just when it was thought he was going to get it, after taking an awesome bump at Dusty's vengeful hands, he carried out his most despicable act yet by ramming his tennis racket into Baby Doll's stomach.

The crowd were stunned and enraged by this, but it wasn't anything Cornette hadn't encountered; just a month prior, he was served with four arrest warrants having found himself with no choice but to fend off rioting West Virginia fans with his trademark gimmick.

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