12 WrestleMania 32 Worries For Smart Marks

11. TakeOver Dallas Might Be Better

Being more booked than written has its advantages, and a simple problem-free match card is definitely one of them. Dash and Dawson do Dallas will take place on the Friday before WrestleMania and there is little trepidation surrounding the event. Triple H has succeeded in hyping the event like he could only dream of doing for his title match.

Mitigating factors must be taken into account, its apples and oranges after all. There is nowhere near the amount of pressure on TakeOver and even the creative stakes are much lower. The fact remains however that NXT is growing in popularity and growth in modern wrestling is something to take careful notice of.

WWE has used NXT as a testing ground for more than talent, so in the long run Takeover€™s success could make us look forward to the €˜Manias to come. As it stands we're looking at a solid, exciting Dallas card right before an unpredictable and very risky €˜Mania card. If these risks pay off this Sunday some of us may need to eat crow. If not, we know what they will be chanting on Monday; €œNXT€.


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