13 Hidden Meanings Behind Outlandish WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Attires

3. Johnny Gargano (And Tommaso Ciampa)

Kudos to WhatCulture Comics Editor Ewan Paterson for his help with this one, and apologies for the butchering it's about to receive.

Surprise entrant Johnny Gargano wore the same gear on Sunday as he had at Saturday's TakeOver: Phoenix. There, the scheme was entirely tied in with his current storyline plight. Gargano wore clobber inspired by Dark Phoenix (reflecting the dark entity within him currently turning him towards evil), with the differing fonts on his trunks and knee braces stylised with the traditional and contemporary Wolverine font respectively.

Gargano's show-closing moment with Tommaso Ciampa on Saturday was also telling - the NXT Champion sported Wolverine's iconic yellow and blue, very possibly as a tacit nod across the floor to their uneasy new alliance.


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