14 WWE Stars Who Wanted To Fight In UFC

Some of the biggest WWE stars wished they'd fought for real.

When Ultimate Fighting Championship held their first event in November 1993, several WWE superstars took notice. It was a bold new entry on to the sports entertainment pay per view landscape, promising real fights and brutal expressions of mixed martial arts. The tough guys in the then WWF locker room were instantly hooked. It was great entertainment, familiar in its pro wrestling style presentation, but uniquely captivating in its genuine competition. Shooters and tough guys have always been idolised in pro wrestling circles, so it was only natural that WWF and WCW wrestlers started to take an interest in the world of MMA. Inevitably, it ended up with pro wrestlers talking a whole lot of talk and displaying tough guy bravado about how they'd fare in the UFC. John Bradshaw Layfield was one such guy, fancying himself as a bit of hard man. That's what inspired him to suggest the ill fated WWF Brawl For All shoot tournament, where he was eventually knocked out in when fighting Bart Gunn in the final. Several more pro wrestlers over the years have had that yearning to test their toughness. The likes of Brock Lesnar acted on the instinct, while others were put off by the initial lack of money, or the intense difficulty involved in training for MMA. Others just knew deep down they weren't tough enough. Here's fourteen pro wrestlers who wanted to fight in the UFC.
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