15 Great Wrestlers Lost In WWE's Mid-Card

15. Fandango

Anyone who has ever watched a match involving Fandango can tell that the man behind the ballroom dancer is a talented in-ring performer. After all, there is a reason CM Punk named him a "wrestlers' wrestler" in a 2013 WWE.com article and Chris Jericho certainly would not have opted to compete against him at WrestleMania 29 had he thought him anything other than a capable wrestler. The fact is that Fandango has become bogged down in the midcard through no fault of his own. The lack of opportunities for increased mic time, and a gimmick straight out of 1996, has left him with nowhere to go. He comes to the ring for his matches, wins or loses, and heads to another town to do it all over again the next day. There is no character progression, no ability to get himself over in interviews and the slower and darker turn that occurred last fall hurt the crowd's ability to help him get over by taking away the so-called "Fandangoing." A very solid professional wrestlers, whose matches are rarely bad, Fandango is a Superstar lost in the midcard that certainly deserves a greater opportunity to advance his character and, as a result, his career. A spot in the WrestleMania ladder match would have been ideal for him.
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