20 Best WWE Wrestlers Of 2015

19. Tyson Kidd

Last year placed: 20 Tyson Kidd is right up there with the best in-ring competitors in WWE, but lack of a creative push followed by a devastating neck injury, restricted his opportunities in 2015. Still, this is a guy who had a solid first half of the year, shining especially bright in fantastic tag team matches alongside Cesaro. It was during these matches that Kidd demonstrated his enviable athleticism, particularly showcasing his speed, strength and smoothness in the ring, He's as experienced as anyone in WWE, a real quality worker. He won the Tag Titles with Cesaro, and even competed in an Elimination Chamber match, so his career was definitely heading in the right direction before the injury went down. Hopefully he can return even stronger in 2016. Highlight of the year: Being a Tag Team Champion.
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