20 Dumbest Gimmick Matches In WCW History

13. Coal Miner's Glove Match

Hey, think of an iconic pro wrestling foreign object. Did you think of a folding chair? Yes, I know you did. What about after that? Title belt, ring bell maybe? This article isn't a definitive list of iconic pro-wres weapons, but my point is that the coal miner's glove isn't breaking anyone's top 50, and yet it was an option for Jake Roberts and Sting's Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal match at Halloween Havoc 1992. Basically, they had to spin a big wheel a la Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome and do battle in whatever match the wheel landed on.

The match was yet another "thing on a pole" variation, with the weapon in question being a glove with some non-specific metal wrapped around the knuckles. You know, for coal mining. Sting defeated Jake with a well-placed glove-punch, which caused him to be attacked by his own snake.

Defining Moment: The Wheel landing on this match and everyone pretending they knew what it was.

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