20 Mind-Blowing Facts About WCW

2. In 1999, WCW Had 250 Performers Under Contract


By 1999, WCW had lost a lot of the luster that had been there just 12 months prior - fans were starting to realise that those in charge didn't really have a clue what people wanted to see, and were just throwing ideas at a wall to see what might stick. That's a fair summary of WCW in 1999, but the company was still pulling in massive profits.

Badly off-setting any revenue coming in was the fact that World Championship Wrestling employed no less than 250 different performers in the year before the turn of the Millennium. Watching the promotion's output throughout the year reveals that there were only around 40-50 regulars being used, which is bad enough, but WCW would go one step further than simply paying people to not be there.

For every single Nitro taping, WCW booked everyone under contract a plane ticket to attend, which means there were often over 200 wrestlers being flown in to not appear on the show. That's a damning verdict of how WCW did business, and it's no wonder they were leaking money. Some guys, such as Lanny Poffo, were paid big money for years and never even made one appearance!

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