5 Ups & 4 Downs From WWE Raw (8 July - Results & Review)

Mami returns, Punk and Rollins have testy exchange, Bron breaks Sami, plus some subpar action.

WWE Raw Seth Rollins CM Punk

With Money in the Bank in the rear view, WWE turned its attention Monday night to SummerSlam, which will be upon us in less than four weeks.

Given the compressed PLE schedule of the summer, Raw wasted little time setting the table, with two major rivalries taking significant steps forward, a champion making his case for retaining his title, and a challenger for another championship forcing his way back into the title picture.

The return of Rhea Ripley is sure to send the ongoing story of Liv Morgan’s revenge tour and corruption of Dominik Mysterio into overdrive, as well as shake up the Judgment Day at a point where it’s in desperate need of it. Mami’s return also sets up a title match that should have nuclear heat.

Meanwhile, CM Punk’s actions on Saturday netted him a new rival in Seth Rollins, even as Drew McIntyre was sent off for a spell with a suspension. But Punk wasted little time in demanding that Drew’s suspension be lifted, leaving open the question of how these three will shake out for SummerSlam.

However, Raw also featured its fair share of drab moments, including Bronson Reed turning in a statuesque performance (and not in a good way), the Final Testament confirming that the rivalry no one wants (with New Day) must continue, and a brush-off of the Wyatt Sick6 that was unintentionally dismissive.

Overall, a good push forward for WWE’s major summer show.

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