6 Successful Parody Wrestling Gimmicks You Totally Miss

3. Big Show's Various Parodies

You may not miss the Big Show in an era filled with corkscrew moonsaults, running knees, and indy darlings holding world championships. However, you may miss his run of doing hilarious wrestler parodies. Collectively, they are arguably examples of his best work.

After WrestleMania 2000, Big Show turned babyface (one of many times) and parodied the likes of The Berzerker, Rikishi, and Val Venis as "Shonan the Barbarian", "Showkishi", and "The Big Showbowski" respectively. Despite his boring ring work, the crowd ate it up each and every time he stepped in the ring as a different wrestler. Just watch his impersonation of the Booker T. The whole bit sounds like something Dave Chappelle would have put in Season 1 of his sketch-comedy show.

The highlight of this run was defeating Kurt Angle at Backlash 2000 as "The Showster"... a playful shot at Hulk Hogan (who was still in WCW at the time). While each of these parodies were great in their own right, just imagine all of the current stars he can make a mockery of today. How cringeworthy would an "EnShow Amore" or a "Showske Nakamura" be? Of course smarks would set the internet ablaze with disgust if either of those existed. However, another parody run from the Big Show would be at the very least entertaining.


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