7 Great Talkers WWE Didn't Let Talk

7. Yokozuna

Owen Hart Jim Cornette Yokozuna.jpg

You weren't expecting this guy to come up first, were you?

Back when Yokozuna made his debut in 1992, he had Mr. Fuji alongside him as manager. Then, when the WWF realised Fuji's broken English promos weren't exactly thrilling, they put motormouth verbal guru Jim Cornette in the mix and had him do most of the talking. Once Corny had finished shouting, Yoko would bellow "Banzai".

That was how things stayed for years until Yoko left Camp Cornette behind and turned into an unlikely babyface feuding with Vader. Suddenly, the big man came into his own, ditched the Japanese sumo pretence and started speaking naturally. A lot of his promos were loud and brash, but they showed he could talk.

Take this promo with Ahmed Johnson and Jake Roberts from '96 as an example. In it, the once-silent Yokozuna ends the interview on a high by promising to take Cornette out once he's finished with his client. Simple, effective and something we wish we'd seen more of from him.

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