7 Great Talkers WWE Didn't Let Talk

DiBiase 3:16 says I just cut your promo.

According to Wrestling Observer chief Dave Meltzer, stoic man mountain Lars Sullivan is quite the talker. Dave agrees with WWE's decision to keep him mute for now, but it may come as a slight surprise for fans to hear that big Lars has promos in his locker at all. Don't expect to hear them any time soon; though Sullivan will have to talk eventually, he can get away with staring, grunting and occasionally roaring at his downed opponents for a while.

His hidden ability makes one think of others who haven't been allowed to do much mic work despite being skilled. For some, it was gimmicks that held them back. For others, WWE's own belief that they couldn't talk was the problem.

In one star's case, that's unquestionably ridiculous (retrospect is a powerful thing, we guess). For another on this list, trust was an issue after years of blistering promos. All it took was one deviation from company directive.

All seven wrestlers included were or are engaging orators who, for whatever reason, were/are kept away from live microphones so others could speak for them...

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