7 Reasons I Regret Staying Up To Watch WWE Payback 2016

6. Enzo Amore's Injury

roman reigns wwe champion payback

Regardless of how long you have been watching professional wrestling as a fan, the very real risks that the wrestlers take each and every night often go overlooked. Sure, when Shane McMahon jumps from the top of Hell in a Cell through a table we can collectively take a step back and worry, but every time these guys and gals step into the ring their bodies are going through an intense series of unnatural sensations for the entertainment of others.

In the opening match of the main show, Enzo Amore & Big Cass took on the Vaudevillains in the final of the #1 Contenders Tag Team Tournament. The influx of teams from NXT has been a breath of fresh air in the division, and many (myself included) were looking forward to this match immensely.

As it transpired, Amore suffered a serious injury in a spot we see in the vast majority of matches seen. Simon Gotch went to throw him through the ropes to the outside but something went wrong, Amore's head bouncing awkwardly off the ropes and that was that.

Amore's condition has improved in the time since, but seeing the superstars that we love to watch get injured in the act of performance will always be jarring, and is another reminder that this is such a dangerous industry.


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