7 Ups & 4 Downs From AEW Revolution 2021

3. Hardy & Hangman Stretch It Out

Hangman Page

Like Kip Sabian and Miro vs. Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor, Hangman Page and Matt Hardy's Big Money Match was entirely too long.

This was a smooth, well-worked, and fundamentally sound match, but full of needless big move kickouts and booking crutches designed to accomplish nothing more than add minutes to the runtime. Hardy working Hangman's hand over after luring him into punching the post was good stuff, as he tried to neutralise the Buckshot by sandwiching the hand between the steel steps and ramp, and the Dark Order catching their would-be-stablemate before the finish was a great touch. When Page won, his embrace with the Order felt earned and cathartic.

But they could have done all of this in five minutes.

Not everything needs to be this epic 15-minute struggle with multiple kickouts on either side. A brisk battle in which Page fought through the adversity of the injured hand, enduring Private Party's interference, and won decisively would have sufficed, but no. We got 10 minutes of extra fluff and false drama instead. A pity, and fuel for the argument that this clash belonged on Dynamite instead.


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