7 Ups And 2 Downs From WWE NXT (Dec 2)

Who gained the advantage for Team Shotzi coming into WWE NXT TakeOver: War Games?

With NXT TakeOver: War Games just days away, this week's episode of the black and gold show acted as the last stop on the way to a weekend which promised both carnage and calamity.

A Women's War Games advantage would be decided in yet another sure-to-be savage ladder match in the night's main event, a pair of Grizzled Young Veterans would be in action for the first time in months, and Xia Li and Boa spent more time in the world's most surreal garage.

In true recent NXT fashion, for every moment of spine-tingling goodness in the form of an unexpected gem of a bout or piece of work on the mic, there was another which left fans pondering whether they should jump on over to the other Wednesday Night wrestling programme in search of something worthy of their time. For those who chose to stick around and brave those beats of nonsense, though, their loyalty was rewarded with a banger of a main event, some more Ghostface shenanigans, Johnny Gargano being his usual side-splitting self on commentary, and a reminder of why NXT's Women's division is simply unrivalled.

It wasn't all gold this week, but the beats that were got us well and truly in the mood for

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