7 WWE Feuds That Didn't Deserve Hell In A Cell

Remember when Hell in a Cell was the final stage for the most bitter of feuds? Those were the days!

Rusev Roman Reigns Hell In A Cell

Back in the day Hell in a Cell was where rivalries came to end (well most of the time, but we will get to that later).

When a Hell in the Cell match was on the card you were in for a violent, more often than not bloody treat with the stakes raised and the wrestlers involved giving everything they have to beat each other half to death. Today, and since 2009, Hell in a Cell is a PPV event every spooky season (except that one time it was in September), sometimes popping up at a WrestleMania as well if it's feeling particularly adventurous.

With the match type now being featured on its own PPV every year, matches inside the Hell in a Cell have been a lot less meaningful than they were over a decade ago since they are a lot more frequent than before. Instead of being used as a way to end red hot feuds with months and sometimes years of build-up, it's no surprise to now see the match used in lacklustre rivalries just because its the season of Cell.

Here are some of the lamest examples...

7. Rusev Vs. Roman Reigns (2016)

Rusev Roman Reigns Hell In A Cell

In the summer of 2016 Roman Reigns took a short break from the main event scene, instead setting his sights on the United States Championship held by Rusev back when he was a Bulgarian Russian. Reigns was a lot less well-received than he is currently and at the time many believed this short drop down the card was a way to help him become more favourable in the eyes of a certain demographic of fans which you're probably a part of.

Although Reigns and Rusev had been feuding for the title since August, their rivalry leading up to the Hell in a Cell match was far from worthy of such a setting. The feud was what you'd have grown to expect from a Roman Reigns program in the mid-2010s, with his opponent suffering embarrassment and made to look weak whilst Roman is made to look strong. Lana also went head first through a wedding cake as well.

During the feud Reigns said this line which is also featured in the promo package before the match; "I haven't made this personal. Not yet." Then why are you fighting inside Hell in a Cell?!


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