7 WWE Feuds That Didn't Deserve Hell In A Cell

6. The Undertaker & Stone Cold Vs. Mankind & Kane/Mankind Vs. Kane (1998)

Rusev Roman Reigns Hell In A Cell

Remember when we said back in the day Hell in a Cell was where rivalries came to an end? Here's the exception.

Contrary to popular belief the legendary Mankind vs. Undertaker Hell in a Cell from King of the Ring 1998 was not the second match of its kind, as that honour goes to a tornado tag match on the June 15th 1998 episode of RAW. This however wasn't much of a match and was instead more of an angle to advertise the aforementioned upcoming cell match between Mankind and Undertaker, as well as Stone Cold vs. Kane which was also on the show.

Just two months after fans were treated yet again to a Hell in the Cell match on RAW, this time between Mankind and Kane. This match although better than the tag was nothing to write home about, although it was nice to have a cell match on free TV again.

Although the heat between Mankind, Undertaker, Austin and Kane was there this was a poor use of the cell, however on the flip side it did help get the fans excited for the upcoming pay per views and was a strong round of ammunition for the WWF in the ongoing war against WCW.


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