7 WWE Superstars Who Need New Theme Songs

4. Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander's theme is a rap song in a minor key with vague gospel influences. This is not an unprecedented kind of fight entrance. The most famous example of this is DMX's No Sunshine, the longtime entrance theme of UFC legend Anderson Silva. That song's influence was already seen in WWE, as when AJ Styles initially debuted at Royal Rumble 2016, many actually thought his theme song was No Sunshine. However, Styles' theme has a bit more of a pop kick than X's classic.

Alexander's theme, Won't Let Go, meanwhile, clearly feels like it's more trying to tap into the spirit of No Sunshine. A pity then that CFO$ are just too artificial.

It's not like CFO$ are bad songwriters. They've been responsible for some of the best themes currently in WWE. However, once again, their use of synthesised instruments and second-rate vocalists harm their attempt at making a cool, vaguely gospel-inspired rap tune in the spirit of No Sunshine. It sounds like every other insincere faux-inspirational pop rap song that plays in the menu section of the latest 2K Sports release.

The vocalist is the big factor in this song's failure. For one, he's a terrible singer, which isn't inherently a deal breaker. After all, DMX can't sing, yet that doesn't stop him from breaking into a sing-song cadence on No Sunshine. However, X has raw charisma and grit behind his throaty vocals, making you believe every word that comes out of his mouth. This anonymous singing contest participant CFO$ got from the nearest mall (presumably) could not sound anymore bored with the bland pop vocals he's spewing from his mouth.

Cedric Alexander could have an awesome theme tune. CFO$ just need to ditch the artificial instrumentation and get someone who actually sounds like they have a soul in order to give him one.


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