8 Babyfaces The WWE Universe Turned Heel

6. Alberto Del Rio

Batista promo 2014

Alberto Del Rio's good guy run as World Heavyweight Champion in late 2012 started off well enough, as the Mexican Aristocrat showed great babyface fire in defeating the Big Show in his Last Man Standing match. ADR was all set for a big WrestleMania feud against newly-xenophobic Jack Swagger before the All-American American decided to get arrested.

From then on ADR's face character was dead in the water, not helped by the fact uber-popular heel Dolph Ziggler was Mr. Money in the Bank at the time. When the heel Ziggler cashed in on prone babyface Del Rio the night after WrestleMania 29, the entire arena went mad with joy, the final nail in the Alberto Del Rio babyface coffin.

The audience had rejected Del Rio as a face in favour of an opportunistic heel. A heel turn for Del Rio was the only way out.

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