8 Things WWE Want You To Ignore About NXT

Sometimes Full Sail isn't at full steam.


After shedding its reality television skin, NXT became and continues to be one of the fastest-growing and most popular brands in professional wrestling. The yellow brand provides an alternative to RAW and SmackDown Live by offering a shorter show that is easier to digest. NXT also calls to fans of independent wrestling by staying focused on the in-ring competition.

NXT has become a developmental powerhouse without any doubt. The TakeOver events receive better reviews than traditional events on the WWE Network. Many already established talents, following the likes of Bobby Roode and Finn Bálor, continue to join the NXT ranks, demonstrating the level of prestige the brand carries. What's more, NXT has received a 5-star match award by doyen of pro-wrestling journalism Dave Meltzer - WWE's first since 2011.

It's as though the third brand can do no wrong, and will remain beloved forever. And that’s precisely what WWE would like you to keep thinking. But for everything that makes NXT great, there are aspects that cast a shadow over the Florida-based promotion, many of which dive beyond the surface of high-quality matches.

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