8 Worst Possible Outcomes At WWE Money In The Bank 2018

6. Big Cass Beats Daniel Bryan

Big Cass Daniel Bryan

WWE's build towards a Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass rematch has been simple: Cass, the taller man, believes that Bryan, the shorter man, shouldn't be wrestling in the same company. That, in theory, will lead to his comeuppance on pay-per-view against the beloved Bryan. There's just one problem.

That comeuppance has already happened.

At Backlash last month, Bryan beat Cass in less than eight minutes by submission. The only feasible reason for this rematch then is WWE's hesitance to put Daniel in harm's way by making him part of the MITB Ladder war. That's not a good enough reason for retreading a feud that should already be done and dusted.

There's a fear lingering in the back of one's mind that WWE will give Cass some heat back by having him beat Bryan on Sunday. If handled correctly as part of a proper story arc (showing that Bryan's road back to the top won't be easy), that'd be fine, but the whole thing reeks of 50/50 booking.

Beat Cass and he's in nowheresville. Beat Bryan just to give Cass back his win and the complaints will come flooding in.


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