Asuka's WWE WrestleMania 35 Opponent Leaked?

They haven't entirely forgotten about the SmackDown Women's Champion.

Wrestlemania 35 Asuka Lacey Evans

Following up on the intriguing news regarding possible contenders for Daniel Bryan's WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35, The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer also confirmed that the company, despite appearances, haven't completely forgotten about Asuka or the SmackDown Women's Championship. Supposedly, they have already lined up a potential opponent for her in New Jersey.

Obviously, it's Lacey Evans.

Meltzer expounded that, thankfully, the idea is currently off the table, but as the company don't have any more advanced ideas, they could yet go back to it.

When it comes to career trajectories in WWE, Lacey Evans and Asuka are like chalk and cheese, assuming the chalk is on Mercury and the cheese on Pluto. The latter arrived in NXT already one of the finest female talents on the circuit, yet had to wait over three years for a main roster call-up, her 510 day undefeated streak proving too big a draw to break.

Evans on the other hand, spent just a year working full-time in Full Sail before her inexplicably early call-up. Since arriving on the main roster, her in-ring performances have not quite been on the same standard as her Japanese forebear, to say the least.

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