Backstage Notes From "Exhausting" WWE Raw Tapings

"A long, long day for all involved."

Drew McIntyre Bobby Lashley pull apart

PWInsider have come through with a new report on WWE's latest batch of television tapings, reporting that a change of plans led to WWE filming four complete shows at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida on Monday.

Those shows were the Raw that aired last night, plus this week's episodes of SmackDown, 205 Live, and Main Event.

The writeup states that the tapings took 9-10 hours in total and that the NXT wrestlers gathered at ringside for Raw were there for the other brands as well, meaning they were on their feet for much of this "long, long day." They were, however, allowed short breaks in between different matches, with chairs provided so that they could rest when not on camera.


An "exhausting" day is described in the writeup, though many of the NXT/Performance Center wrestlers were happy to be involved, having been prevented from doing any kind of WWE work for the past two months. Many of them hadn't set foot in the PC since the global health crisis kicked in.

As far as safety measures go, wrestlers had their temperatures checked before travelling and upon arrival. Tapings continue with next week's Raw, SmackDown, 205 Live, and Main Event episodes today.

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