Backstage Notes On Shane McMahon & Braun Strowman's BIZARRE WWE Raw Segment

McMahon and Strowman got weird on last night's WWE Raw... but was this intentional?

Braun Strowman Shane McMahon

A strange segment played out between potential WrestleMania 37 opponents Shane McMahon and Braun Strowman on last night's WWE Raw, as McMahon danced around calling The Monster Among Men "stupid" before fleeing the building.

Tension has been brewing between Braun and Shane in recent weeks, which led to Strowman calling McMahon to the ring for an apology last night. Shane came out, said "I apologise," and left the scene abruptly, telling interviewer Sarah Schreiber he might elaborate later.

McMahon then hit the ring as Raw crept into its third hour. When Strowman came out, Shane pretended that his microphone wasn't working and retreated up the ramp. As Braun pressed him for answers, Shane stumbled, stalled, and stood in silence for a while, then eventually called the big man stupid, leading to Strowman chasing him to the back.


Seemingly retreating into the safety of an SUV, Shane descaped. He returned after Strowman had left, only to call him "stupid" again, concluding their business for the evening.

Per Fightful Select, as bizarre as this whole deal may have seemed to the average viewer, it went down as it was supposed to. The segment was executed as planned and was apparently done to make McMahon less likeable, with his stumbling and dithering all in the script.


McMahon vs. Strowman still looks likely for 'Mania 37 next month.

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