Backstage Update On Luke Harper's WWE Contract Status

Has the big man signed a new WWE contract after sensational return?

Luke Harper

Luke Harper has NOT yet signed a contract extension with WWE, despite making a sensational return to help partner Erick Rowan beat Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions last Sunday (15 September).

This is according to Dave Meltzer in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Meltzer writes that while Harper is now involved in one of WWE's biggest programmes, he is yet to commit his future to a company he has tried to walk away from several times in the past, only to be turned down on every occasion.

Wednesday saw Harper "attack" WWE for stealing his friend's t-shirt design in what could easily be a work. His WWE contract was originally set to expire within the next few months before the promotion froze it for six months as a result of last year's wrist surgery, so Harper will now be with the company until mid-2020 at the very least.

The writeup also notes that Luke wasn't given the call to arrange his return until two days before Clash of Champions, having sat inactive for months. Where his long-term future lies remains to be seen, though for now, he's at the heart of a huge storyline.

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