Bret Hart Was Going To Lead Kliq, X-Pac Confirms It

Kevin Nash: "F*cking news to me."

Bret Hart Shawn Michaels

Throughout the mid-'90s, WWF's proverbial chalk and cheese Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were at constant loggerheads, with much of their animosity stemming from the antic of the latter's backstage cartel, the so-called 'Kliq'.

Remarkably, during an Inside The Ropes Q&A in Belfast this past week, The Hitman has now claimed that he was originally going to 'lead' the behind-the-scenes political pressure group.

Shortly after the headline-grabbing quote hit Twitter, several members of what became the actual Kliq were quick to comment on the story.


Kevin 'Diesel' Nash - always gold for a soundbite - was first to pipe up, dismissing the claims entirely with this absolutely cracking riposte:

"F*cking news to me. I was the only one he got along with."

Incredibly, Sean '1-2-3 Kid' Waltman - the Kliq's 'wrestling barometer' - seemed to try to put the record straight, telling his backstage buddy:

"Bret is referring to a conversation Scott [Hall] & I had with him at the curtain, during a show on a Europe tour. Not sure if you & Shawn ever even knew about it."

Brilliantly, Nash sardonically responded that Bret "told me the [Montreal] screwjob was a work." It isn't entirely clear if the whole exchange was entirely tongue-in-cheek.

Scott 'Razor Ramon' Hall was more emphatic, simply Tweeting the word: "WRONG".


This is wrestling, so it's basically impossible to tell who is telling the truth - or thinks they are telling the truth. Given the absolutely strife Hart suffered at the hands of Michaels and his cronies, it's hard to believe he was willing to get into bed with him as best backstage buddies, but back in 1993, it might have been the only way to break the returning Hulkamania cartel.

Either way, keep your salt shakers handy.

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