Bret Hart's WWE Hall Of Fame Attacker: "It Was The Right Moment"

Idiot arraigned in court yesterday.

Bret Hart Revival
Twitter, @DashWilderWWE

The f*cker who stupidly attacked Bret Hart during WWE's Hall of Fame 2019 ceremony (again, we're refusing to give him any undue publicity by sharing his name) told police yesterday that he "felt like it was the right moment" to rugby tackle the 61-year old.

No sooner had he floored cancer survivor Hart than a squad of the Hitman's wrestling colleagues flocked the ring to haul the idiot's ass out of there - but not before The Revival's Dash Wilder could land a vicious uppercut on the intruder.

The interloper was yesterday arraigned in a Brooklyn court, where a judge ordered police to hold him on a $1500 bond. He was charged with assault and criminal trespassing.

In the lead up to WrestleMania, the tosspot had made a series of crazed social media posts, criticising WWE's decision to host an all-woman main event at WrestleMania and inviting Vince McMahon to personally answer his complaints.

This past January, the grade-A t*t was arrested on a stalking charge in Lincoln, NE. His lawyer argued yesterday that he was "agreeable and cooperative". He also conceded he would probably struggle to meet the conditions of the bail.

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