Did WWE's Becky Lynch Want To Wrestle PREGNANT?

Surely that'd be a handicap match and thus unfair?

Becky Lynch told Brie and Nikki Bella's podcast that she actually contemplated wrestling whilst pregnant.

Instead of simply handing the Raw Women's Title to Asuka 24 hours after WWE's Money In The Bank pay-per-view, Becky pondered the possibility of losing to the champion elect in a "real quick" match on TV. That, to Lynch, would've been a much more satisfying way to shift the belt over to Asuka and give Becky's reign the closure she thought it needed.

Seth Rollins was the one who told Becky that it was a bad idea; she probably would've come to her senses anyway, but Seth was having none of it and shouted, "No! You're not - just no!" when she broached the subject.


WWE had already turned down Becky's pitch to drop the Raw Women's Title to Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania 36, and it's unlikely that they'd have been up for seeing her work whilst preggers.

Another idea knocked back was for a #1 contendership tournament that'd end with Lynch handing the belt to the winner like she did to Asuka. In the end, WWE decided to go with the one-time segment right after MITB and move on.

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