Edge Reveals Exactly When He Tore His Triceps At WWE Backlash 2020

"I got the cold sweats and I feel like I’m going to throw up".

Edge appeared on Booker T's 'Hall Of Fame' podcast and revealed the exact moment he tore his triceps against Randy Orton at Backlash.

The WWE comeback king said the tear occurred following his springboard into Orton's second RKO, and he knew there was a problem immediately. Edge felt sick, but noted how determined he is to gut things out and finish things on his own terms these days.

If anything, he thinks the real pain he was in helped him sell the magnitude of the "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" struggle; Edge's actual agony allowed WWE's cameramen to zoom in on his face for some tasty close-up expressions during edited shots, and he liked that.


The injury obviously sucked though.

Edge also told Booker that the tissue on his triceps was already "diseased", and that made it much easier to tear. He recalled how his elbow had been bugging him for around a month, especially when he worked his chest and triceps in preparation for the pay-per-view.


Slowing down and selling pain convincingly is particularly important to the Canadian these days. "I'm guilty too", he said when discussing how wrestlers race through spots.

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