Ex-WWE Star Says He Isn't A Fan Of Jeff Hardy's Current Storyline

Using personal problems doesn't appeal to this former favourite...


Shane Helms told Sportskeeda that he's not keen on WWE's ongoing 'personal demons' storyline between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus.

Helms, who is real-life friends with Jeff, pointed out that it's only making Hardy look bad to any new fans checking WWE's product out for the first time. That argument has merit; newcomers must be confused that Hardy is cast as an inspirational babyface despite repeatedly lapsing.

The former Hurricane hammered home that point by adding, "This kind of shines the flashlight on it (Jeff's problems with drugs and alcohol) and I don’t really see the purpose of that".


Shane did say that he'll always love and support Hardy, but he's not fond of how WWE are using his actual struggles to sell an angle. Of course, Jeff would've had to give his permission first before any of this urine-soaked, "Redemption" stuff started.

It's interesting that Helms worries about angles like this turning new fans away. He obviously thinks WWE should be doing everything in their power to attract viewers and make them feel good. Triple H recently said that NXT's approach would be a light-hearted one for the rest of 2020.


This 'Jeff is an addict' thing is anything but.

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