Here's What John Cena REALLY Thinks About AEW

John Cena openly discusses Tony Khan's AEW and what it means to WWE's future.

John Cena

John Cena hasn't watched one minute of AEW programming.

The WWE legend isn't going to tune into Dynamite, doesn't check out Rampage and hardly has the time to sit around watching four-hour long pay-per-views. Despite his obvious lack of knowledge about the week-to-week product though, ol' JC believes that Tony Khan's company is "good" for WWE.

Cena told 'Pardon My Take' that simply having another major company on the market should push Vince McMahon and his roster to new heights. This is something that John, admittedly, never experienced during the height of his own wrestling career; WWE was the only show in town for decades post-WCW, and that was true even when TNA was at its best/biggest.


Still, he reckons that the internal war between Raw and SmackDown (when WWE actually cared about the brand split) could be considered a soft version of the real competition McMahon is getting from AEW today. If nothing else, Cena thinks having another major show to compare yours to should spur the roster on to deliver every week.

JC certainly thinks that'd be the case for him if he was full-time.

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