HUGE Potential Spoiler On Shane McMahon's WWE Future?

Will The Best In The World survive next week's match with Kevin Owens?

Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon may not be long for WWE's televised world.

The self-proclaimed 'Best In The World' is set to face Kevin Owens in a ladder match as SmackDown debuts on FOX next week, with the rules stipulating that Shane will be forced to leave WWE if he loses. This is exactly what's going to happen on Friday 4 October, according to

They claim that McMahon will fall to KO in order to write him off television as a competitor and authority figure for the time being, citing WWE's transition to a more realistic, sports-style presentation on FOX and a desire for "more conclusive finishes" and "fewer interferences from non-wrestlers."

This news will delight many a WWE fan. While Shane draws plenty of heel heat, his surname means he'll always be a divisive performer, particularly when he's taking up as much airtime as he currently is. Droves of audience members will be happy to see him fall by Owens' hand, though McMahon's aptitude in such stunt shows should at least guarantee a fun, car crash match.

Here's hoping that Owens is presented well in victory, too, as this has the potential to be a huge, cathartic moment for him.

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