It's The WWE Olympics!

12. Wrestling (Freestyle): Jack Swagger

WWE Olympics

It's very difficult trying to pick the most likely candidate to succeed at Olympic wrestling from a cohort of wrestlers. I mean, surely they should all be in with a shout? After all, the wrestlers at the games are amateurs, and these chaps are professional!

These days, Jack Swagger doesn't have a lot going for him. He might not be particularly successful in the squared circle (yes, he did win the World Heavyweight Championship, as staggering as that is to believe now), but his amateur wrestling credentials speak for themselves. 30 pins as an All-American! That sounds good - and it is good.

Still not convinced? Let's frame this another way. During his college career, Jack Swagger bested future UFC champion Cain Velasquez. Who did Velasquez pummel for that coveted title? None other than the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. Which technically means Swagger is Superior to Lesnar.

You can't argue with that sort of logic.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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