Jim Ross Shoots On "Unnecessary" Shawn Michaels WWE Moment

AEW announcer JR recalls how "unnecessary" egos collided in a salty WWE confrontation.

Shawn Michaels Hulk Hogan

AEW announcer Jim Ross has described Shawn Michaels' behaviour at SummerSlam 2005 as "unnecessary".

Michaels famously took the p*ss out of Hulk Hogan by over-selling much of his trademark offence. During the build towards that pay-per-view, HBK also joked around a lot and made light of Hulk's legacy. Come crunch time though, Ross believes the pair managed to have a "pretty damn good" match.

Even so, Jim could see that Shawn was only acting up because he could get away with it and knew Vince McMahon wouldn't do anything to stop him. That power flex, one which conveniently happened vs. ex-poster boy Hogan, is the bit JR found "unnecessary".


Ross told fans listening to his 'Grilling JR' podcast that Michaels "needed to realise [he] wouldn’t be in this position making all of this money if it hadn’t been for a guy named Hulk Hogan steering the course" beforehand.

Basically, the Hall Of Fame commentator believes a little more respect was due to Hulk for how he had revolutionised the industry one generation prior. He added that "a lot of guys didn't want to admit that" due to jealousy.


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