Keith Lee Returns To WWE Raw For First Time In 5 Months

Home state hero returns to face WWE Champion Bobby Lashley in big-time comeback.

Keith Lee Bobby Lashley

Keith Lee was back in action on last night's WWE Raw, answering WWE Champion Bobby Lashley's open challenge for a non-title fight.

The comeback king was unsuccessful in defeating Lashley, who put him away in just under six minutes, pinning Keith with a Spinebuster/Spear one-two punch after failing to secure the Hurt Lock due to his opponent's colossal frame. Lee did score some shine early on, however, controlling Lashley throughout the opening stages before MVP's distraction helped turn the tide decisively in the WWE Champion's favour.

This was only Lee's fifth televised WWE match of the year. His last bout saw him defeat Riddle on Raw's 8 February episode, having been pulled from television (and the 2021 Royal Rumble) in January, though he was soon sidelined again.


Seemingly rendered unable to compete, the Texan's latest absence forced WWE to change plans for him to win the United States Championship at February's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

The exact reason behind Lee's five-month WWE absence remains a mystery. An undisclosed medical issue has been reported, and the former NXT Champion has kept things cryptic on social media, though he now appears to be good to go once more.

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