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'Tis the season for Bob Holly.

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Pexels would like to wish all our readers a very, very Merry Christmas or non-denominational holiday of your choice, and a bloody brill New Year.

But the action doesn't stop here, as Monday Night Raw continues as usual tonight, with a similarly pre-taped SmackDown set for Christmas Day itself. If you have better plans than watching wrestling-in-a-can over the next two days, you can check out some of our sneaky spoilers here and here.

As you while away the hours waiting for Santa to drop his proverbial load, why not take a gander at some of our terrific end of year coverage? We've went over the best matches of 2018 and naturally, the worst, as well as the finest storylines the industry has seen over the past twelve months. Why not take a chuckle at our own fallibility, or simply marvel at the most interesting photos taken this year?


Before we clock off for Chrimbo, there's just time to say a big thank you to all of you for your continued support throughout the year, as we've seen WhatCulture grow from strength to strength. My editor-in-arms Michael Hamflett leaves with this special message:

"Thank you for reading, for continuing to read, and if you ever feel lost within the bowels of the WWE Network, let anything from The New Generation be your guiding light."

And from me, it's: "cook pass babtridge".


Seasons beatings to all!

(Oh, and hey, don't forget all the other brilliant sections on the website! Check out TV: WhatCulture's finest man James Hunt deserves it.)

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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