New Details On Latest Tessa Blanchard Controversy

Women of Wrestling relationship looks to be beyond repair at this point...

Tessa Blanchard
Impact Wrestling

Tessa Blanchard is making headlines again.

The ever-reliable and prolific scoopsters at Fightful Select have come through on new details pertaining to her acrimonious relationship with the Women of Wrestling group.

After rumours had swirled around a very familiar theme last month - i.e., Tessa failing to work in harmony with a wrestling promotion - Fightful report that Blanchard is no longer figured into WOW's plans for a relaunch. AJ Mendez performed commentary at the recent tapings, but Blanchard did not appear in any capacity. A COVID-related issue affected a tryout taping in January, which left Blanchard "furious". Her suggestions - to hold it via Zoom or at an "isolated school" - were shot down. The taping was cancelled at the behest of CBS, WOW's broadcast partner.


Additionally, sources within WOW confirmed to Fightful that the promotion was able to book talent that had previously vowed to never again work alongside Blanchard, ahead of the reboot, but they experienced "more of the same".

The relationship between Blanchard (around whom WOW was said to be built under a bullish promotional strategy) and WOW chief David McClane is now said to have deteriorated, despite his being a major supporter of Blanchard over the years.


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